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Bioinformatics Tools

Sequence Retrival: Entrez | UniProt |

Mapping/Recruitment: BWA | FR-HIT | Samtools |

Alignment: BLAST | Smith Waterman (Perl Script) | BLAT |

Featrue Prediction: tRNAscanSE | MetaGene |FragGeneScan |Glimmer |


Text Mining: eFIP |RLIMS-P |eGIFT |

Metagenomic Resources: VIROME |MG-RAST |MetaVir |

Student Tools: CASC: A CRISPR Detection Program |

Knowledgebases: NCBI |PIR |Ensembl |EBI |SIB |EMBL |

General Information

Literature Searching: PubMed |Google Scholar |

Q&A Site: Stack Overflow |

University of Delaware: Email |Sakai |UDSIS |Academic Calendar |University Library |Gym |Shuttle |Career Services |Resources for Academic Success