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Meeting - 9/9/2016

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Participants: Irem, Modupe, Mengxi, Maddy, Dr. Carl Schmidt

  1. BiSA officers met with Dr. Schmidt for the NGS training video series .
    • Irem and Dr. Schmidt had a meeting with UD Communications Department representatives.
      • BiSA will help preparing three minute videos for five NGS technologies.
      • Animation and script ideas for the RNA-seq video will be put together within two weeks.

  2. BiSA will arrange a carpool for the members who want to attend "Computational Biology: Past, Present, and Future" symposium at NIH Main Campus.
    • Maddy announced the event on Facebook and BiSA-News.

  3. Lums Pond State Park picnic is scheduled for September 17th.
    • Maddy will announce the event on Facebook and BiSA-News.
  4. Movie Night - 2 is scheduled for September 26th.
  5. BiSA will attend the Kickoff ACM-W meeting with CISters in September 12th.