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Meeting Minutes - 2/3/2017

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Participants: Irem, Modupe, Mengxi, Maddy, University of Delaware Media Services

  1. BiSA officers are making a training video about RNA-sequencing with a request from Dr. Schmidt.
    • BiSA officers met with UD Media Services representatives and presented their ideas
      • The officers will complete script ideas and start working with the Media Services for the animations and recording
      • Maddy contacted Illumina and PacBio for the permission for using their training videos

  2. BiSA will hold a Data Carpentry workshop.
    • Dr. Schmidt will fund the workshop administration fee
    • Officers will contact with Dr. Wu about the travel expenses for instructors for the workshop
  3. BiSA held an Ice-Skating event in January.
    • A board games event is planned for February
  4. Six CBCB students attended Center for Cell Circuits Computational Genomics Workshop at the Broad Institute
    • Two of the students were awarded with a travel grant
  5. With a request from CBCB students, BiSA will schedule informal coding workshops for teaching the basics to the new students.