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Meeting 1 - 11.22.13

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Attendees: Julie, Matt, Reza, and Erin

General Information:

Election held November 2013
  • President: Matt Ralston
  • VP: Erin Crowgey
  • Secretary: Julie Cowart
  • Treasurer: Reza Hammond
  1. Establish regular functions with the entire BINF association.
    • create agenda for each meeting
      • facilitating inter-student workshops
      • social
    • 1st meeting December 2nd
      • Matt on the 25th announcement
      • follow up email with a RSVP (rough for food order)
    • establish membership
    • introduction of new/old students
    • pizza
    • committee introduce what we think are our goals
    • get feedback from students
  2. Mediate for the student body to the administration.
  3. Launch webpage and develop it as a general resource.
transparent and sustainable
Action Items:
  • Matt get charter, description of roles, and email list from Dan (by 11.29.13)
  • Julie talk Jia about webpage (by December 2013)
  • Reza talk to Susan about budget
  • Matt talk with Liang Sun about facebook page
  • Erin establish when we are meeting- post schedule
  • Erin talk to Dr. Schmidt (facility advisor for the organization)