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Meeting 2 - 12.17.13

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General meeting open to all members - 16 attendees


  • Introduction of Officers
  • Students introduce each other
  • Officers will describe goals
  • Feedback and Suggestions

Goal 1 - regular BiSA functions:

  • student presentation flash talk and/or journal club type meeting
  • workshop sponsored by organization
  • challenges we face in research
  • software that might be interesting
  • useful to pull everything together
  • centralized repository
  • outside event better to know each other - maybe ice skating

Goal 2 - mediate student concerns to administration:

  • preliminary exam dates etc. – when to take make it clear, who is giving, better date established
  • study sessions for exam
  • seminar - send out assignment reminder email first week of and last week

Goal 3 - webpage:

  • Julie discuss webpage and Facebook
  • news and events
  • list of resources available etc. – anything people find useful

Suggestion to connect with other organizations and industry, Making outside contacts, and other associations to connect with.

Workshops – might be useful to learn what people would like to have for workshops

  • suggestions on webpage site