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Meeting 3 - 1.14.14

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1.14.14 Meeting 3

Participants: Erin, Matt, Modupe, Julie, Reza

  1. Reviewed Action Items from last meeting:

    Status Previous Action Items:

    • Completed- Matt get charter, description of roles, and email list from Dan
    • Completed- Julie talk to Jia about webpage
    • In progress- talking to Susan about budget
      • CIS department and INBRE may provide additional funding
      • working out a formal procedure for doing this process –discuss with Cathy and Susan
    • Completed- Matt talk with Liang Sun about facebook page
      • linked and added description on facebook to webpage
    • Completed- Erin establish when we are meeting as officers
    • Completed-Erin email Dr. Schmidt and confirm as facility advisor for the organization
  2. Community Service- the organization is going to volunteer for a community service project (late semester)
    Delaware Food Bank
    Action Item Matt: contact and get a list of dates and activities, and follow up with officers
  3. Agenda Meeting February:

    Tentative Date and Time: Feb. 21st from 12-2 lunch at DBI

    1. Introduction of new students -20 mins grab food and socialize plus any announcements
    2. Powerpoint: Introduction staff, key personal at DBI, and affiliated faculty -20 mins Matt
      • will provide internet links to important resources in powerpoint
      • powerpoint will be posted on Student Association Webpage
    3. Setting up Unix environment (powerpoint/demo)
      • PC tutorial- Reza / Modupe 10 mins
      • MAC tutorial – Julie 10mins
      • setting up a VPN- Reza 5 mins
      • How to access scientific papers on line through UD- Reza 5 mins
    4. Karol/Shawn speaking – overview of biohen and software
      • Action Item- Erin talk with Karol/Shawn and confirm they are willing to participate and availability
    5. Demo of how students use biohen for their research – Erin 15 min powerpoint
      • powerpoint will be made available through student association webpage
  4. Other Action items:
    • All - work on slides
    • Generate a list of scientific topics for a survey – matt will start and establish a google doc for the survey (completion date of Jan 23rd)
      • survey will be shared with faculty and students and based on the response future appropriate demos/workshops/journal clubs will be created
    • Erin send out template for CBCB slides
    • Erin schedule officer meeting Feb. the week of the 3rd-7th
    • Julie create a place for meeting minutes on webpage and additional resources
  5. Other News:
    • Julie is attending a meeting about better bus schedule to DBI and will follow up in the next meeting
    • Matt is attending steering meeting and will present the case for funding etc.
      • will circulate powerpoint and plans for social and technical thoughts prior to meeting