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Meeting 4 - 2.6.14

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Participants: Erin, Matt, Julie, and Reza

  1. Reviewed Action Items:
    Community Service
    Matt is in the process of creating a Doodle Poll to determine the date and number of interested students to volunteer at the Delaware Food Bank.
    Julie is going to establish a LinkedIn group for the bioinformatics students. This will help faculty and students stay in contact after graduating from UD (suggestion from the steering committee).
    News Article
    Reza is writing a News Articles about the student association and will circulate a draft for review.
    Seminar Series
    The officers are going to assist Cathy and Susan with introducing the seminar speakers. Matt is going to introduce the first seminar speaker.
    Future Workshops
    Matt is in the process of creating a Survey Monkey to be circulated for review to finalize topics.
    Bus schedule
    Julie is working with the UD transportation department for future survey. She is posting a bus schedule around DBI for general information.
    Steering Committee Meeting
    Matt presented to the steer committee about our goals, focus, and potential funding.
  2. February Workshop
    Agenda was finalized and sent out for review (Julie).
    Room 102 was reserved

    Action Items:

    • everyone who is presenting should send out slides by 2.14.14 on the CBCB template
    • Julie is going to distribute the agenda via email, Facebook and BiSA website post