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Meeting 5 - 3.5.14

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Participants: Erin, Matt, Julie, Reza, and Modupe

  1. February Workshop Summary
    -32 people attended
    -25 students, 5 faculty, and 2 perspective students (departments: Bioinformatics, Biological Sciences, Chemical Engineering, and Marine Biosciences)

    Action Item: PDF your slides/resources presented and send to Julie for BiSA webpage

  2. Reviewed seminar schedule for introducing seminar speakers
    -assigned students to do introductions for the appropriate seminars
  3. Community service

    Action Item: Matt is working out the details for organizing the community service event at the Delaware Food Bank. Will try and solidify plans in the next week so we can highlight them in the News Article.

  4. Future Workshops
    -Matt did send out a survey for Cathy and Carl to review

    Action Item: Matt will up-date survey with suggestions (add an option to suggest a topic) and send the new survey out to students and faculty. We discussed having a link to the survey in the News Article.

  5. Social Media
    Students have been invited; Working on establishing professor invitee list

    Action Item: Susan will send out invitations to appropriate faculty members.

  6. News Article

    Action Item: Reza is working on the news article, and will circulate for review shortly.

  7. Outreach CIS department
    -CIS department is providing BiSA with $1000
    -CIS Faculty search
    We discussed the importance of the students being actively involved in this process.

    Action Item: Matt will send out email by Friday to encourage students to participate. Matt will try and go to seminars and organize feedback on behalf of the bioinformatics students, and send to CIS.

    Action Item: Erin will reach out to CIS and CIS-isters student organizations, and try to encourage more integration between the student associations, and will also ensure that we do a good job during our portion of the orientation for new students offered by the CIS department.

  8. Discussed agenda for March event
    Where, when, and location: Monday the 17th – 4:30-5:30 DBI Room 102

    Action Item: Erin will construct a draft agenda and draft email and send them out to the team by Friday for review. Matt has access to Abode Illustrator and is willing to allow other students to use it on his MAC for the logo contest!!

    Topics for meeting:

    • Logo contest
    • Future workshop topics
    • Officers will provide an up-date on what has been accomplished (ie. bus schedule, etc.)
    • Julie will review our social media outlets: webpage, LinkedIN, Facebook
      -generate ideas on how to organize the resource page

    Action Item: Reza is going to schedule comprehensive exam study sessions for Monday’s after seminar.