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Meeting 7 - 6.17.14

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Participants: Erin, Julie, Reza, Modupe, and Liang

  1. Reviewed the charter, paper work for officer up-date, and established responsibilities
    Election were held in May 2014:
    Erin- President
    Meeting minutes and organize officer meetings

    Julie- Vice President
    LinkedIn and Mailing List
    Reza- Treasure
    Excel sheet with financials
    Organize with Susan new student orientation
    Liang- Secretary
    Modupe- Supportive Officer

    We nominated Dr. Shawn Polson this year as the faculty representative.

    Action Items:
    Erin complete appropriate paper work for the Office of Graduate Students for the new officers and faculty representative.

    Reza will follow up with Susan regarding new students arriving this summer/fall and we will have an active part in new student orientation.

  2. Social Events for the summer:
    Pool Day
    World Cup
  3. Scientific Events
    We are working with Felix for conducting a workshop here a DBI at the end of summer / beginning of Fall. Erin and Felix will meet this week and send out details.

    Seminar speaker- starting the process for nominating the student selected seminar speaker

    Next officer meeting will be scheduled for the end of July.