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Meeting 8 - 6.26.14

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Participants: Erin, Julie, Reza, Modupe, and Liang

  1. Events Calendar

    Action Item: Modupe and Liang are going to create an event calendar on our webpage that can be shared with others (ie. CBCB, other departments, etc.)

  2. Graduate Student Representative
    Maddy MacDonald was nominated and accepted to be Bioinformatics representative
  3. BiSA Membership
    We had a request from our INBRE partners about graduate students affliatated with UD through INBRE grant (ie. DSU, DelTech, etc.) to join BiSA

    Action Item: Erin sent the Office of Graduate School an email to figure out appropriate policy

  4. Workshop – Carpentry
    Scheduled September 11th-12th

    Action Item: Julie is going to write email that will be disseminated out for registration.