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Meeting - 4/15/2016

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Participants: Irem, Katie, Allen, Deepika, Ryan

1. BiSA will have a social event at Speakeasy in April 22.
2. During student meetings with Dr. Wu (in May 18), BiSA will provide lunch and schedule social events.
A poll will be created for students to choose their social event preference (Games/board games or a movie).
3. BiSA website will be upgraded along with the CBCB website.
4. Learn2code workshop is planned to be scheduled in June. A poll for the topics of interest was sent to the students.
5. The budget of BiSA was discussed and decided to be spent on the social events and Learn2code workshop.
6. E-mails for the new officer nominations will be sent and detailed activity list of the BiSA during 2015-2016 academic year will be disseminated to all CBCB students and the department chairs.
7. Missing student/faculty email addresses were added to the BiSA mailing list.
8. The following BiSA meeting will be hold in April 25.