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Meeting - 5/6/2016

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Participants: Irem, Allen, Deepika

  1. Weekly meetings will be scheduled between Allen, Irem and John for Learn2Code and first set of teaching materials will be ready by May 13, 2016
  2. CISters will be contacted for any volunteers to teach in Learn2Code
  3. For the student meetings with Dr. Wu (May 18), BiSA will provide lunch from Chipotle
    • Students will be provided with the option of watching a movie (E.T.) or playing a game.
    • Speakeasy or Irem will provide the games (Deepika will ask Speakeasy for the games)
    • Irem will pick up the food
  4. BiSA will hold biweekly social events
    • BiSA will arrange a get-together luncheon at California Tortilla in May 26 and invite CISters
    • An ice cream-social will take place in June