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Meeting - 5/27/2016

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Participants: Irem, Modupe, Maddy, Mengxi, Allen, John

  1. New officers were informed about the duties.
    • President (Irem) will schedule the meetings, write the meeting minutes and post to the BiSA website, organize/help the events, try to find funding sources
    • Vice President (Modupe) will organize/help the events, take the responsibilities of the President when she is not available, and help finding funding sources
    • Secretary (Maddy) will maintain the BiSA webpage and facebook page, announce the events, and organize/help the events
    • Treasurer (Mengxi) will take care of the budget (monitor the expenses), and help finding funding sources
  2. Access information for BiSA mailing list were given to all new officers
  3. Brief tutorial videos for Learn2Code will be recorded and the students will be asked for a feedback
  4. BiSA will schedule social events every month.
    • The first social event will be a movie display
      • Townsend Hall will be booked for the movie
  5. A meeting with Katie will be scheduled
    • New officers forms will be signed
    • BiSA budget information will be obtained