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Meeting - 6/24/2016

Participants: Irem, Modupe, Maddy, Mengxi, Katie

  1. New officers met with Katie and discussed the following:
    • Budget information from the previous year
    • Decisions:

      • Mengxi will create an Excel Sheet for the expenses of the previous year
      • Irem's UD Purchase Card will be used for the expenses
    • Expectations from BiSA officers
    • Decisions:

      • BiSA Officers will try to increase the participation of the students to the events
    • New officer forms
    • Decisions:

      • The new officers form will be signed and sent to the Graduate Office
    • BiSA invited seminar speaker
    • Decisions:

      • The officers will nominate seminar speakers and send invitations
    • Possible contribution of BiSA to the upcoming CBCB workshop