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Meeting - 7/15/2016

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Participants: Irem, Modupe, Maddy, Mengxi

  1. To increase the participation of BiSA to the joint effort for upgrading CISters to an ACM-W group, BiSA will hold a pizza social for women in July 22
      • Mengxi will email Katie to ask if we are allowed to use the remaining $943 BiSA fund
      • Maddy will create a Facebook event and send out invitation emails to the BiSA mailing list
      • During the social event, female students will be informed and asked to volunteer for the joint effort
  2. A movie night is scheduled for July 29
      • Irem will request from the students working in Townsend Hall to book a room for the movie display
      • PhD movie will be borrowed from Joe
      • Based on the budget information, either popcorn or ice cream will be provided during the event
  3. In order to increase the participation of students to the BiSA events, at the end of of the year, a small gift will be given to the student who participates the events most
  4. Seminar speaker nominations of the BiSA officers will be decided by August 1
      • Other BiSA members will also be asked to nominate a seminar speaker
  5. Member list in the BiSA website will be updated
  6. The following BiSA meeting will be in August 5
      • BiSA meetings will be held second Friday of every month